2024 Themes

Following extensive research from ministerial bodies, attendees and industry experts, we are delighted to share our theme for Bett Asia 2024. We will use these to shape the incredible content at the event and beyond. 


The 2024 theme is...

Powering Up Education. Driving positive change through AI and technological advancement.

For us, powering up education is not just about keeping pace with technological advancements but creating a framework that fosters innovative, inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies for generations to come.

Education technology has the ability to help learners overcome barriers, be they SEND-related, geographical, or even lack of resources. By powering up education, through AI and other means, Southeast Asian countries can cultivate the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age.


Innovation lies at the heart of the EdTech landscape, driving transformative change and unlocking boundless possibilities for enhancing teaching and learning experiences. AI is reshaping our future at an exhilarating pace, changing the skills and careers of the next generation.


From accessible interfaces to design principles that accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences, prioritising inclusion means dismantling barriers to access, celebrating diversity, and empowering underserved communities to participate fully in the digital age.


Emotional, mental, and physical health are fundamental prerequisites for optimal learning outcomes. Fostering a culture of wellbeing enhances student engagement and supports educators in a sustainable environment where everyone can thrive.


Sustainable practices in EdTech include minimising carbon footprints, reducing waste, and promoting energy-efficient solutions. Embracing sustainability fosters a culture of responsible innovation that benefits both present and future generations.