About the Expo

The expo is the heart of Bett Asia where all our participants, from the Leadership Summit, speakers, and visitors meet, connect, and learn.

50+ leading and innovative solution providers and exhibitors will welcome our visitors and share their expertise and cutting-edge products and solutions in a highly interactive environment.


Learn, try, experience, experiment, and be amazed! 

Bring back your learnings to your classroom, enhance your teaching, use new tools, and better engage your students.

Discover the latest innovations and solutions that are revolutionizing teaching & learning 

Gain first-hand experience of creating learning experiences to engage all students, discover the best tools and resources for your own setting, find out how you can best manage your time and rebalance your workload, and more. Content is curated for in-classroom HE , TVET, and K12 educators and institution digital leads/advocates. 

Top Up Your Professional Development


All content sessions at Bett Asia are fully accredited and certified by CPDUK, so that you can keep your professional development up to date! 


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