Bett Asia EdTech 10

Nominations for the 2024 Bett Asia EdTech 10 list will open May 2024!

Championing 10 women in Southeast Asia

The Bett Asia EdTech 10 list is a Southeast Asia-wide initiative highlighting the work and success stories of women who are changing the EdTech game in the Asia-Pacific region. The curated list will champion women who have significantly contributed to education technology while allowing the winners to share their success stories while inspiring and empowering others. The ten finalists will be invited to Bett Asia 2023 (Bangkok, Thailand) on 5 October where we can celebrate your achievements in person as part of an official content session.

Meet 2023's Bett Asia EdTech 10 list

Dimple Verma

CEO & Founder, WHIZROBO Ms. Dimple Verma, Founder of WHIZROBO Private Limited, a leading EdTech company of India. She has empowered thousands of students on Robotics and has been consulting India’s leading educational Institutions in the field of Robotics and bought detrimental impact on working of those educational institutions.

She has dedicated her life for students and is passionate about giving world class robotics education to the students across globe.

Saw Im Lee


Saw Im Lee is a knowledgeable chemistry teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience in Malaysia. Awarded by MOE Malaysia as an Iconic Teacher and Edufluencer, Saw acts as a role model for teachers all over the country. She also received the international Global Teacher Award and First Place as Best Science Teacher in Southeast Asia.

As well as being an experienced educator, Saw loves EdTech! After applying SDGs within the classroom through project-based learning, the use of tech in teaching and peer collaboration, she is widely recognised as an MIE expert. Saw is also the Vice President of the Malaysian Teachers’ STEM association and Master Trainer of eDIDik.

Lea Lilibeth Emata

Assistant Principal for Academics, Xavier University Junior High School

Lea Lilibeth Emata is the Assistant Principal for Academics in Xavier Ateneo Junior High School. She is the proponent of the Maker/Robotics Programme of the school. XUJHS is one of the pioneer schools in the world to have launched a School Maker Faire in 2016, with her as the project lead. Since then, an annual school maker faire was held including the recent launch of the first-ever virtual faire in 2023. As a maker advocate, she shares this passion in integration of robotics in the schools’ curriculum and the adoption of the maker culture in schools, making, makerspaces, and makers with other edtech educators as a keynote & concurrent speaker during the Society for Technology in Education, Philippines (STEP) conference, EduTech Philippines & Asia, Bett Asia, and other conferences.

An awardee of Best K-12 EdTech Leadership, BRONZE award, EduTech Asia, Singapore (2019) and the proponent of Best Maker/Robotics Programme, GOLD award, EduTech Asia, Singapore (2019). A member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) since 2017, participant of ISTE in Texas, USA. Society for Technology in Education, Philippines (STEP) Secretary (2021 to present), Board Member since 2018, Microsoft Education Ambassador 2019, Microsoft Certified Educator 2017, and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2016.

Hanming Wang

Chief Commercial Officer, KooBits Learning

Hanming Wang is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience from global companies across technology and consumer sectors. With professional background encompassing roles at Facebook, Cyngn Inc., JUUL Labs, Yahoo!, and Unilever, Hanming has consistently demonstrated her exceptional prowess in international business development and market expansion.

Her current role as the Chief Commercial Officer at KooBits reflects her commitment to making quality K-12 digital education content accessible to children worldwide. Hanming is driven by a deep belief that every child can find joy and confidence in learning, and become lifelong learners and innovators for the future.

Dr. Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh

Associate Professor, University Utara Malaysia

Dr. Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh, Ph.D (TESL), M.Ed (TESL), B. Edu (TESL) is an Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Currently, she is teaching Research Methodology, Academic Writing, Discourse Analysis and Psycholinguistics to postgraduates. She has successfully supervised 13 PhD and 4 Master scholars. Her areas of research interest are TESL, ESP, Corpus Linguistics, Genre/Discourse analysis, Computer-Assisted Corpus Analysis (CACA) approach which she developed during her PhD study, critical discourse analysis, conducting language needs analysis in professional organisations, analyzing learner and genre-specific corpora. She holds the patent for the CACA approach. She is highly motivated to encourage teachers to use corpus technology in language teaching and learning. At present, she is actively motivating teachers and scholars in conducting classroom-based investigations using the CACA approach to enhance classroom teaching and learning practices. Apart from that, she is also keen on developing professional and academic corpus for the purpose of research. She hopes to bring new and interesting classroom language teaching methodology.

Dr. Sathisha Goonasakaran

STEAM Coordinator, Tenby International Schools, Penang As STEAM Coordinator at Tenby Schools Penang, Dr. Sathisha Goonasakaran uses her extensive academic and industry achievements to better the teaching and learning experience for everyone. In 2020, Sathisha pioneered the first-ever integrated STEAM approach to learning, making Tenby International School the first STEAM specialist in Penang, Malaysia. This initiative aims to support students in developing their STEAM skills, transferable soft skills and human values, preparing them to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Since then, she’s continued to raise awareness about STEAM learning at Tenby Schools Penang in the role of STEAM coordinator, winning awards such as “Going above and Beyond” and Overall Awesome’ as part of the Tenby School Penang staff awards. Dr. Sathisha was also recently appointed as the ByteEd ambassador in 2023 to promote computational thinking, AR- integrated coding lessons, and VR integration in the classroom.

Sarinah Binti Ziziumiza

Co-founder, Rumine Corporation

Sarinah is the Head of the Centre of Technology Enhancement Learning (CTEL) at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) where she has worked for more than 8 years as an instructor and formerly as a research officer analysing and publishing crucial training outcome data for strategic decision-making. She is also the Co-Founder of Rumine Corporation which specialises in immersive technologies such as AR, VR, MR, XR, and gamification. Sarinah’s career journey began with a profound passion for merging engineering, technology, and education. She graduated with a Master of Teaching (Vocational Technical Education) from the University of Brunei Darussalam and a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Wales, United Kingdom.

She is also passionate about inclusivity and digitalisation where she works as the community manager for organisations such as Digital Makers Asia Pacific (DMAP), Google Developer Group (GDG), Women Techmakers (WTM), and Brunei Gamedev (BGD). an active advocate for women in technology and entrepreneurship promoting gender diversity and inclusivity through Girls in ICT and SheLovesTech. Her dedication to innovation earned them accolades which include the Gold Award in Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) Islamabad Pakistan, Gold Award in ASEAN ICT Award (AICTA) Myanmar, Grand Award in APEC Digital Prosperity Award Thailand, 1st place and Finalist in SheLovesTech and many more. She also earned a notable position on the IPO’s “Top 5 ASEAN Women in IP for Innovations” list and achieved excellent honors in research at the 3rd Kans Scientific Competition in 2023 and KERICE Research in 2022.

Sarinah’s journey reflects her commitment to shaping the nexus of education and technology. Her legacy exemplifies her capacity to drive change, empower learners, and advance immersive technologies, inspiring the field’s evolution.

Ee Ling Lim

Co-Founder, Young Founders Summit Smarter Me Pte Ltd; Young Founders Summit Pte Ltd Ee Ling Lim is the co-founder and host of Young Founders Summit, a startup program and platform where teenage aspiring founders get entrepreneurship education and mentorship, build networks, and access funding to build impact-based startups. To date, Young Founders Summit has mentored over 400 teenage founders aged 13 to 20, from 13 countries across Asia to launch over 100 ventures. In 2022, 55% of the teams mentored have a female CEO or co-founder.

Ee Ling is also the Executive Director of Market Launch at 500 Global, a multi-stage venture capital fund with more than $2.4 billion in assets under management that has invested in over 2,800 fast-growing technology companies. At 500 Global, she leads the design and implementation of startup acceleration programs to train and support technology startups globally, helping them scale their startups. They have mentored diverse founders in over 20 markets - including Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Egypt, and Georgia.

Ee Ling is recognized as Singapore’s 100 Women in Tech by the Infocomm Media Development Authority and was appointed as a Council Member of the National Youth Council, Singapore and National Youth Fund Advisory Committee.

Dr Anjlee Prakash

Chair Person, Learning Links Foundation Dr Anjlee Prakash is the founder and chairperson of Learning Links Foundation. An award-winning non-profit organisation based in India, Learning Links Foundation has empowered over 10 million learners from underserved communities with its UN-SDG aligned learning pathways. Globally, the Foundation has, over the years, worked with 41 countries. Guided by Dr Anjlee’ s conviction that education can be the greatest social leveller, Learning Links Foundation strives to ensure each child gets an equal opportunity.

With a Ph.D. in education and over thirty years of experience as a techno-pedagogue, Dr Anjlee has nurtured some of the country’s most successful projects on tech-integrated education. Dr Anjlee endeavours to take technology to the last mile by leveraging outcome-focused strategic partnerships and steering them toward an inclusive future. The EdTech best practices that Dr Anjlee recommends are based on ground observations, a data-driven strategy, and customised program implementation across diverse regions.

Natalie Chan

Founder and CEO, OWN Academy Natalie Chan is an engineer, film producer, adventure seeker, entrepreneur, and educator. Her non-linear career journey led her to education when she realized that developing the next generation’s purpose is key to solving the world’s problems. In 2016 Natalie founded OWN Academy, an educational event management company that brings real-world learning into the classroom through work-based learning and career exploration experiences developed with industry professionals and global companies.

Together with her team she is building the One World Network, a global community that fosters collaboration to transform employers into educators. Natalie’s diverse achievements include being selected as a Davos 50 Global Shaper, representing Asian youth to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, as well as being an Ashoka Changemaker x Change fellow in 2019. In 2021, she was awarded a fellowship by the Cartier’s Women Initiative as one of 24 female entrepreneurs around the world making an impact with their work.

I’m delighted and honoured to be a part of this exciting initiative identifying women-led excellence and innovation in education technology. I firmly believe it will have a key role in promoting and supporting talent and providing opportunities for women to lead the industry globally in the future
John Collick
The potential of this list is highly promising, as it has the power to elevate the visibility and recognition of forward-thinking Asian women in the field of EdTech. By showcasing their impactful work, it can foster a culture of collaboration and networking, while also providing avenues for mentorship programs.
Coco Wong
The Bett EdTech 10 is a celebration of all the women contributing substantially to this vibrant sector, carving out a path towards an ever more inclusive tomorrow.
Dr Nanthaporn Prae
It is an incredible honour to be part of the Bett EdTech initiative, driving positive change and promoting gender diversity in tech education. Recognizing the contributions of women and empowering them in the industry is truly inspiring.
Elizabete Kalnozola
I am most excited about how this initiative may positively empower women. To highlight that women can be successful in this field, that women can be role models and inspirations to the younger generations, and how successful women in the technology field give back to their community.
Janelle Torres
Together, we can create a future where women's contributions in technology and education are valued and celebrated. As the list grows, I’m eager to witness the positive impact this list will have on the lives of women in the EdTech.
Shruti Kirti Sharma
Being part of this initiative brings me a sense of pride and satisfaction as it is an opportunity to actively contribute towards acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of Asian women who have made significant contributions to the STEM field.
Thanbeer Sekhon
"I’m delighted to support Bett Asia in recognising amazing women doing amazing things to improve education for children across Southeast Asia. It’s an honour to celebrate their work."
Nikki Griffiths
"I am delighted to be a part of the Bett Asia initiative and immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to nurturing the next gen of women-led initiatives in EdTech space."
Shivani Nigudagi

Meet the working group for the Bett Asia EdTech 10 list 2023

Our carefully curated working group of established EdTech leaders will be reviewing all the applications and select the final Bett EdTech 10 List line-up.


Dr Nanthaporn Prae

CEO Starfish Education

Thanbeer Sekhon

Pre-University Senior Educator Desa Mahkota Form Six College

Coco Wong

Co-Founder and CEO CEO Kids International

Elizabete Kalnozola

Managing Director, Program Director Girls in Tech Kuala Lumpur, iTrrain Asia

Becky Patel

Head of Education and Learning Tech She Can

Janelle Torres

Research Manager, SEA ISC Research

Shruti Kirti Sharma

Partnerships and Communications Lead Generation Global – Tony Blair Institute

Dr John Collick

Head of International Education Strategy Promethean

John Gwyn Jones

CEO Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA)

Nikki Griffiths

Group Communications & ESG Director Hyve Group

Shivani Nigudagi

Volunteer Partnerships Manager, GIT Kuala Lumpur Girls in Tech Kuala Lumpur


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The EdTech 10 will be judged by our very own working group

The ten finalists will be invited to Bett Asia 2023, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 4-5 October, where we can celebrate their achievements in person as part of a curated content session and space to share their stories. Please note that travel and associated costs will not be covered by Bett Asia.

Shortlist will be announced 20 September 2023

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The Bett EdTech 10 Dialogues are virtual conversations, designed to foster meaningful exchanges and promote understanding among young people on gender equality in educational technology (EdTech). These 60-minute facilitated dialogues aim to create safe and inclusive spaces where young people can freely express themselves, engage in meaningful dialogue about the opportunities and challenges for women in EdTech, and cultivate their communication and critical thinking skills.

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