Shortlist 2022

Bett Asia Awards Winners & Finalists 2022

Congratulations to all amazing winners & finalists.

Click on the names to watch their nomination videos!


The 21st Century Learning Award

The award for 21st Century Learning goes to the individual, group or organisation that is using EdTech effectively to develop the necessary skills to help students become independent and confident global citizens.

The Pioneer Award

The award for leadership goes to the individual that continually raises the bar when using EdTech in their institution for the greater good of students and staff alike and demonstrates outside-the-box thinking and best practice.

The Game Changer Award

The award for game changer goes to the individual, group or institution that continues to innovatively embed EdTech into their organisation that drives outcomes for students and staff alike.

The Trailblazer in Inclusion Award

This award goes to the outstanding individual that does trailblazing work in the field of EdTech and inclusion to ensure equitable learning outcomes for all students and staff.

The Disruptor Award

This award goes to the individual, group or organisation that continues to revolutionize traditional pedagogy and champions the accelerated use of technology to develop future-ready schools and students.

The Wellbeing Award

The award for wellbeing goes to the individual, group or organisation that have used EdTech collaboratively to support and advance the development of student and teacher mental wellbeing and/or physical health
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