Over the past 18 months, educators and institutions have had no option but to become ‘future-ready,’ as they adopted new hybrid learning models to continue to support their students. Whilst some schools may already have had supportive learning environments in place, others had to leapfrog into the world of blended learning: updating their digital toolkits, rethinking the structure of their curricula, and adopting technology at scale. 

This shift has been disruptive. But not without opportunity. It forces us to question: how can we continue to transform our learning environments and facilities to ensure we develop future-ready schools? How can we stay reactive to shifts in industry, to new education models and pedagogy, and to new technological advances to further benefit our students and enhance learning outcomes? How can we keep pace alongside a continuously evolving digital landscape to prepare our students for the future of work? Bett’s expert speakers will aim to address all of these questions across our conference programme this year.

The overarching theme of Bett 2022 is ‘Create the Future’, signalling the huge importance we place on supporting our not only our future educational leaders, teachers and students, but the EdTech start-up community who hold the power to disrupt and catalyse the education landscape. Bett Futures was launched to nurture emerging start-up companies, and this year our programme will continue to provide a platform for small companies with big ideas, offering the opportunity to accelerate their growth by launching their game-changing products to our future-facing audience looking for the next big thing.

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