CPD Opportunities

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a globally recognised career accreditation which demonstrates commitment to lifelong learning. Join us for two days of riveting content across the stages as you hear first-hand from regional leaders in the education sector about wellbeing and training on the latest tech trends and practice. A rare opportunity to grow knowledge and develop practical skills that will help your career go from strength to strength.

How CPD benefits the education workforce

For educators, CPD has many benefits that are advantageous in strengthening knowledge and increasing opportunities for professional growth.
However, CPD is not something proactively promoted across the global education community due to shrinking funds and unclear policies surrounding matters related to staff development. CPD is a great way not only to show educators that their skills are important but will also improve student outcomes, whom will benefit from the skills that their teachers and professors have picked up.  
The Confederation of British Industry holds the CPD of educators in the highest regard:
‘Strengthening CPD and career opportunities are crucial strands in re-motivating teachers and improving practice and, as a result, education outcomes. We also need to get away from the feeling that CPD is something ‘done’ to teachers as they are professionals and part of that professionalism should be a sense of personal ownership of development.’
By showing value for the needs of educators, you are showing value and safeguarding the future skills force through the enhancement of the skills of educators that will largely improve student learning experiences, giving them the skills, they need to grow into independent and intelligent young adults. Bett Asia is the leading education event in the Asia-Pacific region and provides a platform for educators not only to network with colleagues but advance their career growth with knowledge and training provided by some of the best in the world, as part of a truly outstanding global brand.
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