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In 2020, the education sector experienced a radical overhaul of traditional approaches to teaching and learning. Our dedicated community of educators and innovators are keen to share their perspectives on the future of education on a global scale. The Bett Community Hub draws their expertise together to present solutions, case studies and strategies as we collectively work towards providing inclusive and quality education for everyone. After all, learning never stops!

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Adjusting to the new way of teaching and learning can be difficult so we have curated a selection of FREE resources from the EdTech community to support you. 



Bett Podcast Series

The ‘What Matters in EdTech’ podcast series produced by The Edtech Podcast is back, this time with a focus on all things global. Take a listen to educators and industry experts from across the regions share their thoughts and expertise on the hottest topics in education.


Wellbeing matters

Welcome to your all-new Wellbeing page, in association with the Bett Community Hub - we collate ideas, resources and articles to support a healthier and happier mind and body, both in the classroom and the workplace, all available here.

#MyDigitalMaker Virtual Fair 2020

From 5-11 October 2020, Bett Asia and partners were excited to take part in the #mydigitalmaker Virtual Fair, hosting a series of workshops, panel discussions and product showcases featuring best practice from the Bett education community.

Useful Reading

21st Century Learning Skills and Strategies

Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri explores the strategies that can help students to be active learners, develop thinking skills and solve problems.

Written by Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri, Independent Education Consultant

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Investing in the Future of Asia’s Education: Challenges, opportunities and recommendations

The Bett team interviewed education specialists Brajesh Panth and Jian Xu, exploring the challenges, opportunities and future course of education and technology in Asia.

Written by Emily Colyer, Content Producer at Bett

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What does ‘build back better’ mean in the context of educating the world’s children post-Covid-19?

A few months into global lockdown, at the peak of mass school closures in most countries, and on the brink of an economic crisis on a scale the world has possibly never seen, we have started talking about ‘building back better’. Here, Anna Riggall, Head of Research, examines how this framework can be used meaningfully in post-pandemic education recovery.

Written by: Anna Riggall, Head of Research, Education Development Trust

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How resilient is the international schools market in times of crises?

This whitepaper by ISC Research compares the crises weathered by the international schools market in the past with the new challenges presented by COVID-19. Whilst many international schools have planned for the unexpected, there are several key differences about the impact of the current crisis.

A whitepaper by ISC Research

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HP launches ‘Innovation Garage’ as part of mission to increase education standards globally.

In a world that is becoming more technological, the need to equip younger generations with the skills to drive innovation in technology has never been greater.

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Three months later: What educators have learned from remote learning prepares them for the new school year

Over the past several months, how we teach and how we learn has been flipped upside down. With this transition, it has become clear that it’s more important than ever to help educators find ways to connect with students and keep them engaged, motivated, and safe in a digital world. 

Written by Barbara Holzapfel, GM Education

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Reimagining Special Education in the Classroom & Online

Educators today are expected to constantly evolve. This is even more apparent in a time when we are asked to undertake the enormous (sometimes overwhelming) task of moving all of the learning from the classroom to a virtual environment.

Written by Karissa Hultgren and Philip Bowman for the Mario Framework

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An Update From the Bett Asia advisory board

We caught up with our network of educators, experts and thought-leaders across Asia to find out what has changed in the education sector over the past few months.

Written by Elle Monaghan, Content Producer for Bett

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Supporting EAL learners, in school and at home

The English language is tough and continually evolving, with about 1,000 new words coming into use every year. It is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, which inevitably makes it an incredibly useful language to learn.

Written by FlashAcademy

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