Game Changer Award

Game Changer Award Shortlist

The award for game changer goes to the individual, group or institution that continues to innovatively infuse EdTech into their organisation that overall achieves better outcomes for students and staff alike.

Tsi Kit Kang

Consulting/Clinical Psychologist, Nurturing Asia, Hong Kong

Psychologist Tsi Kit Kang has been using technology to empower various disadvantage groups for 30 years. In 1993, his electronic self-help disabled persons group ‘Best Self-Help Group’ was awarded in Hong Kong, attracting extensive media reporting on the importance of technology. Tsi Kit developed a Digital Leadership program for students of the University of Hong Kong to meet the Internet challenges. Later, he founded digital Learning & Education Asli Project (dLEAP) to educate indigenous children in Malaysia - which was nominated for the Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-Being (2016) and the Star Golden Hearts Awards (2019).

Vun Yee Shih

Principal, The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Today’s education system does not focus enough on using technology to empower children to solve real world problems, as the teaching approach is still very much segregated with no emphasis on collaboration. Teachers and students of Tsing Hua STEAM School’ participated in a lesson development using a STEAM framework, which intends to combine the mind of a scientist with that of an artist or designer, so students can foster true innovation. They experience the importance of modelling, developing explanations, and engaging in critique, and evaluation. The implementation of STEAM education is supported as teaching strategies are revised to develop transferable skills for students to succeed in the new world.

Lanny Albina Huang

CEO, VR Educate Limited, Hong Kong

More than 70% of K-12 students have reported experiencing bullying, either witnessed or been bullied or both. In HK & Asia, bullying in schools is fast becoming more pertinent to tackle “differences” and “diverse opinions”. Despite several schools attempts and resources used to solve this global issue, most had little to no successes. VR Educate Limited sees the unique immersive opportunities of VR, as well as its empathy creating ability, worked alongside schools/teachers for schools. The “Anti-bullying VR Resources Package” is designed to eliminate most of the messiness related to VR deployment inside classroom with its customized hardware and software; provide on-going (not one-off or ad-hoc) learning with the different VR films and lesson plans; require much more cost-effective as the package is being scaled to different schools.

Game Changer Award winner 2019

Dylan Lim
Executive, PADU - Malaysia