Bett Asia EdTech 10

Championing 10 women in Southeast Asia

Meet the nominees


Dimple Verma


Dr Anjlee Prakash

Chairperson Learning Links Foundation

Dr. Sathisha Goonasakaran

STEAM Coordinator Tenby International Schools, Penang

Ee Ling Lim

Co-Founder, Young Founders Summit Smarter Me Pte Ltd Ltd

Hanming Wang

Chief Commercial Officer KooBits Learning

Lea Lilibeth Emata

Assistant Principal for Academics Xavier University Junior High School

Natalie Chan

Founder and CEO OWN Academy

Sarinah Binti Ziziumiza

HCo-founder Rumine Corporation

Saw Im Lee

Teacher SMK Seri Bintang Utara
I’m delighted and honoured to be a part of this exciting initiative identifying women-led excellence and innovation in education technology. I firmly believe it will have a key role in promoting and supporting talent and providing opportunities for women to lead the industry globally in the future
John Collick
The potential of this list is highly promising, as it has the power to elevate the visibility and recognition of forward-thinking Asian women in the field of EdTech. By showcasing their impactful work, it can foster a culture of collaboration and networking, while also providing avenues for mentorship programs.
Coco Wong
The Bett EdTech 10 is a celebration of all the women contributing substantially to this vibrant sector, carving out a path towards an ever more inclusive tomorrow.
Dr Nanthaporn Prae
It is an incredible honour to be part of the Bett EdTech initiative, driving positive change and promoting gender diversity in tech education. Recognizing the contributions of women and empowering them in the industry is truly inspiring.
Elizabete Kalnozola
I am most excited about how this initiative may positively empower women. To highlight that women can be successful in this field, that women can be role models and inspirations to the younger generations, and how successful women in the technology field give back to their community.
Janelle Torres
Together, we can create a future where women's contributions in technology and education are valued and celebrated. As the list grows, I’m eager to witness the positive impact this list will have on the lives of women in the EdTech.
Shruti Kirti Sharma
Being part of this initiative brings me a sense of pride and satisfaction as it is an opportunity to actively contribute towards acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of Asian women who have made significant contributions to the STEM field.
Thanbeer Sekhon
"I’m delighted to support Bett Asia in recognising amazing women doing amazing things to improve education for children across Southeast Asia. It’s an honour to celebrate their work."
Nikki Griffiths
"I am delighted to be a part of the Bett Asia initiative and immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to nurturing the next gen of women-led initiatives in EdTech space."
Shivani Nigudagi

Meet the working group

Our carefully curated working group of established EdTech leaders will be reviewing all the applications and select the final Bett EdTech 10 List line-up.


Dr Nanthaporn Prae

CEO Starfish Education

Thanbeer Sekhon

Pre-University Senior Educator Desa Mahkota Form Six College

Coco Wong

Co-Founder and CEO CEO Kids International

Elizabete Kalnozola

Managing Director, Program Director Girls in Tech Kuala Lumpur, iTrrain Asia

Becky Patel

Head of Education and Learning Tech She Can

Janelle Torres

Research Manager, SEA ISC Research

Shruti Kirti Sharma

Partnerships and Communications Lead Generation Global – Tony Blair Institute

Dr John Collick

Head of International Education Strategy Promethean

John Gwyn Jones

CEO Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA)

Nikki Griffiths

Group Communications & ESG Director Hyve Group

Shivani Nigudagi

Volunteer Partnerships Manager, GIT Kuala Lumpur Girls in Tech Kuala Lumpur

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can nominate yourself, a friend, a family member or a colleague

We aim to create a unified and inclusive community that will empower and encourage women in Southeast Asia to embrace technology and be inspired

Due to the large amount of entries, we are unable to give feedback to applicants

The EdTech 10 will be judged by our very own working group

The ten finalists will be invited to Bett Asia 2023, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 4-5 October, where we can celebrate their achievements in person as part of a curated content session and space to share their stories. Please note that travel and associated costs will not be covered by Bett Asia.

Shortlist will be announced 20 September 2023

All entries must be completed and submitted online by 24 August 2023

Please contact our team at