Bett Asia 2024 Themes

Transforming Minds for a Sustainable Future

The rapid adoption of transformative technology is redefining several aspects of our lives. But what does this mean for education?

With this disruption comes great opportunity. The applications of generative AI in education, for example, are seemingly endless, including the possibility to provide truly equitable, personalised learning for all learners in all settings, accounting for the full spectrum of technology provision. 

After three years of steep learning, it is time for the education and technology community to unite and harness curiosity, innovation, and technology's potential for better learning outcomes for all and a more sustainable, resilient future.



  • Realising the potential of transformative technologies such as generative AI and AR to enrich teaching & learning

  • Cultivating a mindset of innovation and curiosity in the face of significant technological advances

  • Leading an evidence-based, purpose-built digital strategy





  • Harnessing innovative tools to create truly equitable, personalised, and relevant learning experiences so that all learners can fulfil their potential

  • Engaging policymakers, industry, and practitioners in an outcomes-focused dialogue to reach marginalised learners and overcome the global education crisis​

  • Embedding Universal Design for Learning and assistive technologies in pedagogy to engage learners with diverse needs and abilities​




  • Supporting mental wellbeing practices across education communities, staff, learners, and families

  • Empowering staff with tools and practices to rebalance workload, ensure purposeful and fulfilling careers, and prioritise the human connection of education

  • Strengthening digital citizenship within and beyond the classroom for confident, resilient learners​




  • Championing the Sustainable Development Goals both within teaching & learning and organisational operations and practices

  • Developing the whole learner to nurture global citizens who can thrive in a disruptive future of working, learning, and living

  • Forging partnerships with industry to foster lifelong learning and skills critical to a viable, sustainable workforce