130T is a creator of smart blocks in the form of LEGO. Each block has different robotics functions and can be assembled just as LEGO blocks. Through 130T's patented connector, the blocks are capable of power supply & data communication, thus transforming into robots. Due to its resemblance to LEGO, the 130T Blockbot is accepted by Education market as very appealing toy or educational tool.

However, the core competency of 130T lies in its patented Connector, which connects each module. Through this method, each module can reliably receive power and engage in data communication. By utilizing this approach, it eliminates architectural redundancy leading to a significant improvement in their price competitiveness.

This patent signifies not only the potential for simple toys or educational tools but also the possibility of utilizing Blockbots in all fixtures of our lives, creating IoT devices with high price competitiveness and connecting them to AI. 

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