Bett Asia Awards

Bett Asia Awards: Recognising Educational Excellence 

The Bett Asia Awards celebrate and champion the EdTech trendsetters and innovators who are revolutionising education across the Asia-Pacific region. The highly regarded awards are judged by the Bett Asia Advisory Board.
  • Collaboration
    The award for collaboration goes to the individuals, group or institution that have used EdTech collaboratively to support and advance the development of teaching and learning.
  • 21st Century Learning
    The award for ‘21st Century Learning’ goes to the individual, group or institution that is using EdTech effectively to develop the necessary skills to help students become independent and confident young adults.
  • Leadership
    The award for leadership goes to the individual that is continually raises the bar when using EdTech in their institution for the greater good of students and staff alike. Demonstrating outside-the-box thinking and modelling best practice.
  • Game Changer
    The award for game changer goes to the individual, group or institution that continues to innovatively infuse EdTech into their organisation that overall achieves better outcomes for students and staff alike.
  • Female Pioneer
    This award goes to the outstanding female individual that does trailblazing work in the field of EdTech to enhance learning outcomes for students and staff.


Only one submission per person/institution per category. Applicants can make a max of five submissions (one per category).

You cannot put forward the same submission for more than one category. Any submission that does so will be disqualified.

Entries will be open on the 25th November and will close on the 31st December at midnight (GMT), but in the meantime why not have a look at the 2019 awards here: See who won in 2019