Bett Asia charity partner

Bett Asia is very proud to team-up with SeeBeyondBorders, a charity that provides access to quality teaching and learning to children in regions that most need it in Cambodia.

About SeeBeyondBorders

For over 13 years, we've transformed primary education in rural Cambodia. By supporting over 700 teachers, we've raised the learning standards for 30,000 children and increased test scores by an impressive 40% on average.

We work within the existing education system, using the national curriculum and enhancing it with effective teaching methodologies and high-quality digital resources. This ensures that our changes are sustainable and scalable. Our dedication has led to significant improvement in student learning and even recognition by UNESCO.

We are honoured to be chosen as Bett Asia 2024 Charity Partner and eager to connect and discuss how we can collaborate to further enhance Cambodian education.