Established on September 15, 1987, NAPEI represents all levels of private educational institutions in Malaysia. The founding members of NAPEI sought to unite private educational institutions. With an initial registration of 11 members, NAPEI currently has a membership strength of more than 60 with a number of members with branch campuses across Malaysia. NAPEI together with the support from Ministry of Education and other Government bodies continue to represent the cause of local private educational institutions. It seeks to:
  1.  Further enhance and maintain the quality of education in the private sector.
  2.  Be the unifying representative body for all the registered private educational and education - related organisations in the country.
  3.  Be a national body of liaison with the government and statutory bodies.
  4.  Provide research facilities, training, management and development programmes for members of the Association.
  5.  Provide educational information to the members and other interested organisations and individuals.
  6.  Assist institutions in raising their professional competency in the administration and operation of their institutions.
  7.  Maintain a register of all private institutions in Malaysia.
  8.  Enhance Malaysia as a centre of educational excellence.

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