Bett Themes for 2021

Bett is the Platform for the Global Education Community

For Bett Asia 2021, we have six new themes which will structure the leadership summit, to ensure that every learner and educator from the entire landscape can benefit from this year’s content.



  • Smart solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing teaching at all ages in a variety of settings
  • Innovations in pedagogy – sessions led by teachers
  • Innovations in technology – sessions led by solution providers and teachers





  • Case studies of initiatives to enhance student and teacher wellbeing
  • For students we’ll focus on student resilience and mental health and resilience
  • For staff we’ll be looking at case studies to reduce teacher workload and improve staff retention



Empowering Teaching and Learning


  • Leadership strategies for driving organisational change
  • Best practice to ensure impact, efficacy and usage of technology
  • Sharing research and collaborating to ensure evidence-based practice



Inclusion, social mobility and SEND



  • Engaging the socially and economically disadvantaged with education to amplify the student voice
  • Empowering and connecting students with SEND to learning, skills and future employment
  • Enabling learning for communities in rural areas and developing countries



Future tech and trends


  • Big picture thinking about the future of education and the role of tech to enable learning in its many forms
  • The heart of Bett, where the tech community demonstrates new ideas and where educators can feed back what they really want and need
  • Making better use of existing hardware and software





  • Skills for educators including practical CPD to enable them to do their jobs better
  • Fundamental skills for students including preparing them for the world of work via T levels and apprenticeships
  • Skills for life, including re-educating current workforce, creativity, character and resilience

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