Bett Themes for 2021

Bett is the Platform for the Global Education Community

For Bett Asia 2021, we have six new themes which will structure the leadership summit, to ensure that every learner and educator from the entire landscape can benefit from this year’s content.



  • Designing and delivering an agile, future-proofed digital strategy
  • Leading successful remote and blended learning
  • Creating an environment to attract and retain excellent staff





  • Resolving the impact of remote learning on student and teacher mental health
  • Building a robust physical health curriculum
  • Strategies to streamline staff workload and encourage retention





  • Equity vs equality – ways to breach the digital divide
  • Evaluating the impact of remote teaching on SEND students
  • Creating an environment that amplifies student voice



Future Trends


  • New technologies to support learning in the classroom and at home
  • Is blended learning here to stay?
  • Reinventing the future for higher education




  • What skills do we need to flourish in a post-covid world?
  • Reimagining adult skills training and connecting business with education
  • Education for first class humans not second-class robots

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  • Celebrating the best of #learningneverstops during school closures
  • Evolving pedagogy and teaching in a hybrid learning environment
  • Innovations in products and services that support and serve the education community



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