21st Century Learning Award Shortlist

The award for 21st Century Learning goes to the individual, group or institution that is using EdTech effectively to develop the necessary skills to help students become independent and confident young adults.

Phil Mason

CEO, STEAM Craft Edu, Philippines

STEAM Craft Edu specialize in education technology to improve learning outcomes. They use serious games to maximise focus and learning, leveraging children’s engagement. Downloaded by schools in 20+ countries, their cost-effective game-based education platform is designed for grades 3-6. University studies validated the impact of STEAM and game-based learning in classrooms, with a lift in learning outcomes, reduction in absentees and improvement in test scores.

Ruben Velarde Jr

Director of Digital Innovation, PPH Digital Media Productions, Inc

Ruben Velarde Jr. is the learning innovator behind the Aralinks Coding Education (ACE), the only edtech program in the Philippines that makes coding and invention more accessible to students and teachers alike. Integrated across disciplines, ACE targets the development of computational thinking and coding skills in the context of the national curriculum, allowing teachers with no programming background to seamlessly integrate coding and digital creation in their classes. With its developmentally appropriate curation of invention kits and software, students have more options to pursue both self-directed and collaborative projects, based on their learning goals and level of skill. Creating opportunities for students to apply project-based learning and design thinking, the program has empowered Filipino learners to create inventions such as assistive technologies, prototypes, and simulations that solve real-world problems. ACE provides rich opportunities to harness the 21st century skills and attitudes, while producing the inventors of the future. .

Madhu Agrawal

Founder-Director, Callido Learning, India

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn” – Alvin Toffler. Although the importance of 21st century skills has been long established, educational institutions are struggling with translating this vision into action. Madhu left his career as a corporate lawyer in London to relocate to India to find a solution to this challenge. Since 2015, Callido has impacted students in over 15 countries. With a curriculum which defines these skills at each age, we make them measurable and teachable.

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