Speaker spotlight: Mr Raymond Mitchel Africa

Speaker spotlight: Mr Raymond Mitchel Africa

Mr Raymond Mitchel Africa.pngMr Raymond Mitchel Africa
MYP Science and Design Director, Manila Xiamen International School, China

Mr Raymond Mitchel Africa,will be presenting a session on voice apps.

What should participants expect to hear in your sessions? What topics will you cover?

There is an ever-increasing number of Apps available to aid education and enhance learning, all promising to add something novel to the learning environment.

The difficulty always lies in the limited time and capacity educators have to trial these Apps and decide which offer the most benefits for students.

One question is which part of education a particular App claims to enhance, whether it be problem solving skills, creativity, critical thinking or one of many others.

One area that tends to gain insufficient attention is the importance of student voice.

This presentation will discuss the importance of student voice and demonstrate examples of EdTech apps to help with this, such as Flipgrid, Reflector, seesaw and Doink App, and how they can empower student voice and engage students in learning.

Why are you looking forward to Bett Asia 2019?

I want to delve deeper to the myriad of teaching and learning trends as construed by educators, school and education leaders, and business and tech companies. As one of the leading educational conference around the world, Bett Asia offers a platform for discovery, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Who/what do you want to see at Bett Asia 2019?

Innovative technology that can be used in the science classroom.

Why do you think global collaboration is so important in education?

As each individual is unique, and so the way a person is effectively learning. Through global collaboration, educators and school leaders around the world could present and inform their best practices that create positive results to learners and the learning process.

Who or what inspires you in education?

To be able to inspire, motivate and empower young learners in taking action and creating a better world are my driving forces to ensure genuine learning and improve education.

Why is Bett Asia so important for educational transformation in the region?

As one of the leading educational conference around the world, Bett Asia offers a platform for discovery, learning, sharing and collaboration. This is vital to improve education and to further the development of the region.

How does the world deal with the need for more teachers and new approaches to learning?

Empowering teachers to empower students decreases the need for more teachers. Through professional developments and global trainings, educators are more engaged and motivated to pursue this career and they are given opportunities to acquire skills and attitude to demonstrate new teaching strategies and approaches in the classroom. This maybe be done through technology integration.

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