Speaker spotlight: Mr Daisuke Kimura

Speaker spotlight: Mr Daisuke Kimura

Daisuke-K_Gift-photo_0.jpgMr Daisuke Kimura, 
​Global Education Programme Producer/Head of Global Competencies Research, Global Incubation x Fostering Talents (GiFT), Adjunct Lecturer, Meiji Gakuin University

Mr Daisuke Kimura will be presenting in two sessions on:

What makes students engaged? How can we make students become self-driven, collaborative, accepting and more deeply focusing towards deep learning?

Globalisation of Higher Education - Its Policies and Implications from the Reform Case 

Why are you looking forward to Bett Asia 2019?​​

I look forward to interacting with educators and education leaders for the discussion of transformative education. Bett Asia provides insights to look at the cutting edge education trends and its tools for transformative education. I look forward to discussing how we can collaborate with attendees for fostering and evaluating global citizenship in classroom. 

Who/what do you want to see at Bett Asia 2019?

I am so much interested in talking with professionals about the promotion of global citizenship in organisation, school curriculum, assessment of competencies and cooperation across nations through technology! 

Why do you think global collaboration is so important in education? 

In our field, Global Citizenship Education towards sustainable development, needs cross-national collaborations. We need to tackle with global issues together. In order to achieve that, multi-layer collaboration such as schools, vendors and government policies are necessary and global collaboration is a key to drive to the better global society. 

Who or what inspires you in education?

Students always inspire me.  The more we trust students, the more they excel their capacity and the higher we expect for them, the higher students perform. It always go beyond the limits. 

How can social media be used to engage student learning?

Social media can visualise students learning, e.g. things they have seen, felt and learned and pictures they post express their motivation and emotion. We can infer from social media how they are enjoying and/or learning each other.

Why is Bett Asia so important for educational transformation in the region?

In order to achieve the goal of Education 2030, Bett Asia unites all sectors from region to integrate towards the achievement. It facilitates collaboration among sectors and nations. 

What opportunities do you see from utilising VR in education?

We have not yet used VR in education but it enables students virtually experience the reality in society and related to the issues into themselves. 

How does the world deal with the need for more teachers and new approaches to learning?

Teachers can implement tools and technology into classroom and it covers teachers in Asia’s heavy burden. Technology maximize and supplement for fostering social and emotional learning. The more connected world requires more needs and teachers does not solve problems stand alone. The collaboration among sectors into classroom will be a key to 21st century learning. 

How can gamification ignite student excitement?

Knowledge and interests are not easy to foster students motivation. Playful learning plays an important role in the principle of learning with fun, and the gamification could be a tool to make students excited and interested in the intellectual  curiosity as well as perseverance to achieve. 

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