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Tuu: The Sustainability Tracking and Education Platform for International and Independent Schools worldwide:

  • Tuu reduces Co2 and costs at school.
  • Tuu creates a framework, tools and goals for a school’s Green Committee. Puts students at the heart of sustainability tracking and gives them the agency they need to make a difference.
  • Tuu provides certified project-based ECA’s for students covering key sustainability concepts for Ages 7-9 (Years 3-5) (Lower-prep / Mid-primary). Ages 9-11 (Years 5-7) (Mid-prep / Upper-primary). Ages 11-14 (Years 7-9) (Upper-prep / Lower High).
  • Tuu provides Sustainability Educator Certification course for teachers.
  • Tuu gives Monthly Rating not Annual Audits. An Analytics dashboard to visualise progress, actionable insights to make better operational decisions, downloadable monthly reports for rapid reporting, comparisons across departments, campuses, schools, associations, countries and regions. Celebrate progress with parents, stakeholders and the community.

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