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Edubull is driven by passion for public service and innovation through building technology that is accessible, unique and human. Inspired by individuality of learners and educators, edubull facilities bridging the gap between the ever-evolving world of technology and the world of education. While many are busy teaching, edubull promotes evaluating learning through analysis that is beyond just grades.

Edubull works with schools, Government and private institutions, and publishers. Edubull has technology and content with a runtime of 1 lakh hours for K-12 curriculums, skills curriculum and entrance exams.

Edubull’s research driven pedagogy, technology, and in house produced content (print and online), focuses on delivering outcome based education through identifying in real-time, previous and current learning gaps of each learner by its AI backed GAP ANALYZER™ assessments and analysis. Edubull covers all bases of a learner’s journey by providing personalised remedial based on the learner’s unique skill set and identified concept gaps.

We developed our approach to Ed-tech by listening to our users and by identifying the issues faced by teachers, students and parents. Beyond our diagnostic assessments, in-depth skill and learning analysis, edubull fosters a platform for spoken English and language learners of all ages and types with its one-of-a-kind LSRW platform.

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