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BlueInk international is a leading education content provider with a deep understanding of the international textbook market. Located in India, a hub for excellence in education, our core focus is to develop and distribute technology blended textbooks and educational resources for the K-12 schools globally.

Effective pedagogies, cutting-edge technology, learner centric, and respect for various cultures are the four essential characteristics that our mission symbolizes.

  • Do you have a vision for hybrid learning and are you looking for support or collaboration in curriculum mapping of digital (recorded videos; collaborative advanced books; LMS, CMS) and physical (books, activity books, TLM, teacher resources)?

  • Would you like to establish a skilling academy?

  • Are you looking for methods to identify each child's learning or skill gaps?

We are a 60-member team with a combined expertise of 1500 years in project management, production, marketing, sales, and logistics.

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