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Achieve3000 is a McGraw Hill company. Our mission is to accelerate English literacy growth worldwide.  

For more than 20 years, Achieve3000 has been empowering educators and students - helping unlock student potential and accelerate learning growth. Our digital platforms are focused on improving reading and writing via differentiated instruction and personalized learning and are built on decades of scientific research on how learners develop reading and writing skills.  

Today, our digital solutions are used by more than 5 million students in almost 50 countries. 

Achieve3000 Literacy provides differentiated instruction for students in grades 2 through 12 and adult learners by raising student Lexile levels and high stakes test scores. Achieve3000 prepares students for university and career meeting them one-on-one at their individual reading levels. 

Research demonstrates that students using Achieve3000 solutions can make double to triple the expected reading gains in a single school year via our accelerated reading platform.

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