Post-Dashboard Analytics: Using school data proactively

Schools are awash with data, and visualising it in dashboards has become commonplace. However, the eagerness to present captured information often precedes the definition of essential questions. The result is descriptive data that lacks purpose, fails to drive results, and remains underutilised.

This session will guide you through the key steps of Intellischool’s Post Dashboard Analytics Consultation Program, a process they use with schools seeking tailored data solutions.

Join Rowan Freeman, Head of Product at Intellischool, as he walks you through the process of progressing from building an analytics strategy to translating it into crucial actions, as well as addressing 'spurious correlations,' 'pointless predictions,' and common points of need for information.

In collaboration with Intellischool

Wednesday 04 October 11:00 - 11:20 Classroom Theatre


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Supercharge your teaching & learning through simplifying the transformation of data into critical actions throughout the school year.

In collaboration with Intellischool

Classroom Theatre Asia/Shanghai


Rowan Freeman

Head of Product, Intellischool