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These are unprecedented times with millions of educators and students from early years right through until university, teaching and learning remotely. Schools and institutions are facing new challenges, but the education community remains undone and committed to learning. Across the world educators and learners are pulling together to share ideas on best practice for remote learning and above all, support one another during this unpredictable time.

Education Resources

Adjusting to the new way of teaching and learning can be difficult so we have curated a selection of FREE resources from the EdTech community to support you. 



Bett Podcast Series

After a successful launch leading to Bett 2020, the podcast series produced by The EdTech Podcast is back with Bett Asia. Listen to the first episode discussing what tools and pedagogies prepare Asia’s youth for the connected digital world in the long-term.


Wellbeing matters

Welcome to your all-new Wellbeing page, in association with the Bett Community Hub - we collate ideas, resources and articles to support a healthier and happier mind and body, both in the classroom and the workplace, all available here.

Useful Reading

Providing wellbeing support, reducing the impact and making a difference

How do we ensure that students have access to authentic and evidence-based digital sources of information and support?

By Pete Quinn, Guest Lecturer, Education University of Hong Kong @peteqconsult

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Best Practice for Long Distance Reading Instruction

As personal interaction with students is curtailed, it is critical that educators enact strategies that compensate for the interactivity of the classroom

By Miguel Melendez and Brian Knuth from Scholastic

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A view from the bridge: How Thailand's lockdown is part of a wider education vision

Bett interviewed the Thai Ministry for Education to understand their next steps for online and in-school learning

By Anucha Burapachaisri, Thai Ministry of Education

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When the masks come off... A discussion on the future models of education.

Across the world, a total of 1.5 billion students are no longer able to physically go to school.

By the team at Teacherly. Follow them @teamteacherly

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Disrupting the education paradigm

Microsoft shares the key points from their recent Virtual Education Transformation Summit

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the K-12 Education Mobile PC Market

Strong demand for devices in Q1 has created concerns around inventory and replenishment globally

By Futuresource

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How can we use AI ethically in education?

Four risks that we need to consider

By Mark S. Steed, Principal and CEO of Kellett School, the British School in Hong Kong @independenthead

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Outside to Inside

Experiences of lockdown school life from Benjamin Franklin International School, Spain

By Anita Kleijn, Wellbeing Coordinator, Benjamin Franklin International School

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The Staff of 2030

To best prepare the class of 2030 we need to better understand who the staff of 2030 will be and the education environment they will shape

By Barbara Holzapfel, General Manager, Microsoft Education

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