Tanand | Bett Asia 2018


November 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



2017 Exhibitors


Tanand Technology is an innovative solution provider that converts school campus into smarter campus by integrating Internet of Things Sensors, Cloud Computing Algorithm and Digitization of Building Data into single platform. Through digital transformation of school campus, we could achieve 20% of energy savings, greener and safer environment for our next generations.

Our Latest Smart Campus features the following:
1. Virtual Private Assistant with Voice Control powered by Amazon Alexa
a. Voice/App Activated Air Conditioning Control
b. Voice/App Activated Lighting Control
c. Voice/App Activated TV Control
d. Voice/App Activated Environmental Feedback (Eg: Temperature, Humidity, Indoor Air Quality)
2. Smart Attendance System using BLE and Wifi Technology
3. Enterprise Smart Building Management Solution integrated with Cloud Computing and IoT Sensors
4. School Bus Tracking System using latest in-vehicle GPS tracking for real-time location, driver's behaviour, etc


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