Pi-Supply | Bett Asia 2020


March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Worldwide Partner


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Supported by - Ministry of Education Malaysia



Pi Supply is a trading name of Nebra Ltd which is a creator of innovative educational electronics and accessories for the Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and other single board computers as well as a retailer of popular maker products from around the globe. They serve makers, tinkerers and educators.

Since 2014 Pi Supply has grown from a one-man-band operation working in a dusty warehouse in Kent with two dogs to a growing team based all over the UK and Europe.

They have always centred around the core principle of supplying educational and hobby electronics to a wide variety of customers involved in the maker movement. No matter your starting point, their products make it easier for users of all levels to get started with embedded electronics and coding. They are here to help you create something awesome!




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