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Alan Gillies Learning Consultancy

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Supported by - Ministry of Education Malaysia


Alan Gillies Learning Consultancy


 AGLC Ltd was established in 2010 to commercialise the learning methodologies and technologies pioneered by its founder and principal consultant, Professor Alan Gillies during his 25 years as a fulltime academic.

We provide bespoke learning solutions and services for educational providers, business and Governments, as well as a portfolio of learning products focused on development that delivers value to organisations.

Our three main products are CampusforLife®, informal life and work skills development training videos for 16-19 and 18-25 year olds, ACCEPT, accredited training in entrepreneurship, and APPROVE, an online management development pathway with the option of an accredited qualification route.

We have worked for the Department of BEIS in the UK, the World Bank, as well as companies. We have worked with a wide range of Universities and colleges as well as professional bodies including the CMI, CIM, RCOG and ICE.


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