3D Novations | Bett Asia 2019

3D Novations

12 - 13 March 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Worldwide Partner


3D Novations

Hao2.eu is a social firm promoting the use of the latest in creative and digital technologies for inclusive innovation. We proactively engage with partners in the EU, commonwealth and China to achieve our objectives.

Since early 2010, we have been researching the potential and applications of 3D virtual world technologies. We now offer a range of innovative 3D virtual world products and services. These help organisations improve services, especially for people with disabilities. Our team, 80% of whom has autism, is creative, diverse, dedicated and highly skilled.

Hao2.eu (pronounced "how to") is a Crown Commercial Supplier of award winning 3D Cloud Services on the Digital Marketplace and Specialists and Outcomes Framework. Our 3DNovations solutions enable public services to offer an engaging convenient 3D cloud alternative to traditional delivery methods which fail to meet many service users' needs. Winner of the CBI / Nominet Trust Most Innovative Internet Business 2012, Hao2.eu is a “thought leader” for its ground breaking work harnessing the potential of 3D technologies.


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