Professor Ni Ni Hlaing | Bett Asia 2019

Professor Ni Ni Hlaing

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Professor Ni Ni Hlaing

Professor Ni Ni Hlaing

Head of Department of English , Mandalay University of Distance Education, Ministry of Education, Myanmar

Ni Ni Hlaing is a Professor and Head of Department of English at Mandalay University of Distance Education (MUDE), Myanmar. She has got a bachelor degree from Yangon Institute of Education, specializing in Teaching of English and she completed her Master of Arts in English from University of Yangon. She started her career as a university teacher in 1981. She taught English course in Higher education for over 38 years. In 2000 she was promoted as Associate Professor and in 2001 as a Professor. Prof Ni Ni Hlaing is visionary and active in the field of ELT by developing and utilizing new methods innovatively, especially collaborative learning. Throughout her academic career, her teaching and research interests have focused on the use of information and communication technologies to enhance and transform learning and teaching. She has over 30 years of Teaching and Administrative experience in prestigious institutions as well as provided leadership in learning and teaching. Prof Ni Ni Hlaing has been engaged in the research on educational technology as well as English Literature, Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching since 1993. She has accomplished over 30 research projects in the field of ELT. Her ideas have been published, with more than 30 academic papers nationally and 28 internationally. She has supervised over 40 Ph.D. students and recently a member of Ph.D. Steering Committee at University of Mandalay, Upper Myanmar. Moreover, she is also a member of the executive committee of Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science (MAAS) which is one and only national level research organization in Myanmar and also an Education Expert of British Education Training and Technology, UK. In order to contribute more widely to ELT, she also supports the Online Learning Education across Upper Myanmar. All these efforts are aimed at enabling and promoting best practice in self-evaluation and helping students to reflect on their own academic performances in the country for its people. To keep abreast of trends in educational development and research she has also participated in International Conferences in Bosnia, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc. She enjoys conducting and participating seminars, conferences, symposiums and summits in the field of ELT.


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