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Ms. Pathana Panyathip

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Ms. Pathana Panyathip

Ms. Pathana Panyathip

Founder and Director , Panyathip International School

Through her perseverance and determination in overcoming the challenges of starting up a business as a young woman in Vientiane, Ms. Pathana Panyathip has now become highly respected and successful woman entrepreneur in Laos. Her passion in creating and developing a learning environment that nurtures and motivates young women to excel through education is clearly evident in the International schools that she has built across the country.

A recognized leader in the field of Education in Laos and known for her tremendous passion in continually raising the level of academic standards that Panyathip International School delivers.

Ms. Panyathip’s journey has not been an easy one.  It was because of her own daughter that she was motivated into opening a school.  She realized then that the only way she could provide her own child with the best foundation of learning, was to create a school herself. Despite the fact that Education was not her field of expertise, her passion to provide the best possible education for her children was enough of a reason for her to set up schools in Laos. Her older daughter recently graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Queensland and now works alongside her ,which reflects the value of her initial investment in setting up her own school.

Panyathip Bi-Lingual School opened its doors in 2001. Initially there were less than 60 children and only a handful of teachers and staff. Gradually the enrolment increased resulting in the necessity to invest in further development. In her commitment in providing high standard quality education for the the youth of Laos, demand for places and confidence in the community has resulted with five campuses and over 1000+ students currently attending Panyathip International Schools.

Panyathip International School became the first school in the country to become an accredited as a Cambridge Examination Centre in 2011, the first and only school in Lao to offer the International Primary Curriculum, as well as the country’s pioneer in being recognized as an Eco-School by Eco-Schools Global.

With 65% of the student population being Lao, Panyathip International School plays an important role in developing the leadership qualities amongst its students. Ms. Pathana Panyathip recognizes the importance of education in shaping the future generation of Laos and her vision in the long term is to extend her schools into higher education by supporting the setting up of an International University in Laos that will allow students to study for their first degree in their home country, without having to go overseas. To this extend, she has already established a partnership with the University of Nottingham in the UK, which is ranked in the top 1% of Universities worldwide. She has also had discussions with the University of New South Wales and RMIT in Australia to attract them to explore Laos as a future destination.

Ms. Pathana Panyathip is also very committed in supporting those that are less fortunate in Laos. Recently, she was approached by parents in a remote village outside Vientiane to help set up a school for the children of the village, as they had no access to a school in their community.  She fully funded the building of a 5 classroom Primary school along with sporting facilities so the children of the village could enjoy attending their own village school. This reflects her passion in supporting and contributing to community service.

Ms. Pathana Panyathip has received accolades and awards from various organizations for her much valued contributions to Lao as an Entrepreneur and an educator. One of the recent awards was in recognition of the support she gives in developing the full potential of her employees through continued professional development and confidence in delegating responsibility.

She is a member of several organizations such as the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Women’s Association of Lao, Young Entrepreneur Association of Lao and others, Ms. Pathana Panyathip continues to be an inspiration to young and aspiring entrepreneurs and is often invited as a guest speaker at various events. She attends regional and International events to gain greater understanding in how to develop her business and recently attended the Education World Forum in London.

Ms. Panyathip holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from the Polytechnic College of Thailand; a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management, and a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the National University of Laos.


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