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Ms Khin Mar Mar

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Ms Khin Mar Mar

Ms Khin Mar Mar

Retired Professor , Department of Psychology, Mandalay University, Mandalay

Dr. Khin Mar Mar is recently working part-time as a professor in Psychology Department, University of Mandalay, Myanmar. Until 2012, she has been serving about 12 years in the Psychology Department, as Professor and Head of Psychology Department. She started her carrier in 1968 specializing psychology major in Mandalay University. She has got the bachelor’s degree in 1972. She was appointed as a tutor after she completed her Master of Arts in psychology in 1975. From 1986 to 1993, she served in the Mandalay University, as Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer. She was promoted as an associate professor in 1998. She was appointed to serve as Professor and Head of Psychology Department in Mandalay University in 2000. She taught psychology for over 40 years. She has accomplished 20 academic papers. Amongst them, 6 academic papers have been published internationally. She has supervised 15 Ph.D. candidates and recently a member of PhD steering committee in the field of psychology at University of Mandalay and for various Universities of Upper Myanmar. To keep abreast of trends in educational development and research she has also participated international conferences in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. She enjoys conducting and participating seminars, conferences and summits in the field of psychology. All these efforts are aimed at enabling and promoting best practices in self-evaluation and helping students to reflect on their own academic performances in the country for its people.


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