Ms. Isabelle Wong | Bett Asia 2019

Ms. Isabelle Wong

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Supported by - Ministry of Education Malaysia


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Ms. Isabelle Wong

Ms. Isabelle Wong

Teacher , SMK Dato Jaafar, Malaysia

Isabelle is a passionate high school teacher who knew that she would one day be a teacher to help transform the education landscape in Malaysia. Ten years into her service as a teacher, her passion is still burning as strong as ever. She was a finalist in the prestigious national-level Teacher’s Icon 2017, and won the state-level Chemistry Teacher Icon in the same year. Ultimately those awards meant little compared to the impacts that she has had on her students.

Contribution during presentation: She will focus on the pedagogical aspect of how Creative and Playful Learning (CPL) differs from traditional/conventional pedagogical models, and how CPL (through Escape Room) could be an avenue for educators to interest students in science. She hopes that she can convince participants on the efficacy of the CPL methods by sharing the key research findings from the research work on Escape Room in Education.


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