Ms. Elizabeth Lopez | Bett Asia 2019

Ms. Elizabeth Lopez

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Supported by - Ministry of Education Malaysia


Industry expert

 Elizabeth Lopez

Ms. Elizabeth Lopez

Independent Senior Consultant , Education and HundrED Ambassador

Elizabeth Lopez is independent senior consultant on education and HundrED Ambassador. She currently advises into how we can bring innovation into our classrooms, not just through the latest technology, tool or app but by placing the learner at the core of every thought, idea or plan. She is currently working on plans to bring Design For Change to students in Malaysia. 

She is an accomplished educationist, with multi-faceted experience at various levels in schools, teacher training and the Ministry of Education. This expertise combined with knowledge gained through an extensive teaching career has given her a visionary understanding of public policy needed to develop and embed pioneering educational reforms. A natural innovator who inspires and encourages others to dream, imagine and create a world where children are given a voice, a place and an opportunity to be their best.


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