Mr. Matthew Riddle | Bett Asia 2019

Mr. Matthew Riddle

March 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Mr. Matthew Riddle

Mr. Matthew Riddle

Associate Professor and Director of Educational Innovation , La Trobe University

Matthew is Founder and CEO of RocketShoes, a startup with a mission to launch an educational revolution using decentralised technologies.  The company successfully raised $1.1M seed funding in 2018 via the blockchain Foundation Community Fund.

Matthew began his career in higher education 1993 in multimedia development and e-Learning roles, working on a series of award-winning projects over thirteen years at the University of Melbourne. Most recently Director of Educational Innovation at La Trobe University, Matthew also spent two years as Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge. His work promotes excellence in learning and teaching, innovations with technology, curriculum renewal and learning space design.  Matthew also has a range of research interests in higher education, including student engagement and retention; student perspectives; active and collaborative learning; physical and virtual learning space design; and emerging technologies.

Matthew has published twenty-eight peer-reviewed articles since 1996, and co-developed a novel combination of ethnographic techniques to provide a rich description of learning and teaching at the University of Cambridge for the Learning Landscape Project in 2007. He followed up on this work in 2008 after winning an ASCILITE early career research scholarship to undertake ICTs in the Daily Lives of Australian Students, and helped to lead a collaborative ALTC-funded applied research project known as Spaces for Knowledge Generation, and co-edited a resulting book entitled Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education (IGI Global, 2011). He has since applied this research to a series of state of the art building projects, including significant indoor/outdoor and collaborative formal and informal learning spaces. The topic of his PhD project at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education is Tablet devices in the daily learning lives of university students.



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