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Our main activity is to develop and market EdTech software products:
  • WEBUNI - End 2 End Online Academy Software
  • WEBXAM - Digital Exam System

Webuni is a cloud-based, modular-built, highly customizable white-label software framework that provides a comprehensive solution for professional education providers to offer different forms of educational products and services digitally.

The whole end to end process takes place on the online academy platform: from the creation and publishing of courses, through the booking, payment and invoice handling to execution of various training formats, including certificate management, trainer and participant administration and communication.

Potential clients: education providers, publishing companies, EdTech solution distributors

A cloud-based, modular software framework that enables professional education providers to digitalize the whole spectrum of their examination processes.

Webxam enables clients to conduct secured exams in both online and offline environments.

From the application process to exam creation, through correction until the creation of certificates, including payment takes place within the system.

Potential clients: language schools, higher education, accreditation centers, education providers, EdTech solution distributors

250K+ customers worldwide and 500K+ conducted online exams
Switzerland, Germany, USA, Japan, Central Europe

Disney Research International, Garmin, Deutsche Telekom, Tokyo Business School, Mitani, KV Business School Zürich, ASN International, Chronoswiss, Sevenfriday, Migros, etc.
  • Where are they based
Zürich (Switzerland) and Budapest (Hungary)
  • Why exhibiting at Bett Asia
Connecting with potential clients and distributor partners, learning about new trends and learning more about the East Asian EdTech market.

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