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Everybody counts

Everybody Counts provides a complete Primary online learning program/curriculum for ages 3-11, using the MathsMastery approach which is universally proven as the best method of teaching Maths. The program is designed in modular format to fit with any Curriculum, and will support students allowing them to progress rapidly. It features an interactive interface that can be utilized by teachers at the front of the classroom or by individual students on various devices. Each lesson is engaging, interactive, and fosters the development of leadership skills and life skills essential for future employability.

Embracing the principles of inclusive education, our program incorporates diverse characters, neuro-diverse friendly fonts/formatting, and the ability to use local currencies. Additionally, it can be effortlessly translated into any language, ensuring accessibility for students worldwide.

We offer comprehensive lesson plans that guide teachers with suggested questions, saving them countless hours of preparation time and empowering them to deliver world-class lessons.
Together with the parents support program that enables children to receive additional assistance at home, whilst practicing “real life” skills.

Combining these resources and ensuring the school, teachers and parents work together we enable students to deepen their mathematical knowledge and understanding while improving overall outcomes.


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