The generation of tomorrow: Harnessing the power of esports in the classroom

When people think of esports, their minds go to the games and the players, but many people forget all of the different aspects that go into building a successful programs and how many college and career paths support the industry. Let's take a few minutes to explore the different paths, from media production and streaming to marketing and infrastructure, esports provides a veritable plethora of pathways for students to find success and stay involved.

We share tips on how to introduce esports to your centre and ideas for delivering the subject in an exciting and engaging way for learners.

The esports BTEC is designed to enable learners to develop a wide range of transferable skills and knowledge that can be applied not just to careers in the rapidly growing esports industry but also in other sectors including digital and STEAM-based careers. This is especially valuable to learners in a changing world where job roles are likely to continually change, and the emphasis is increasingly on flexibility, adaptability and transferable skills.

In collaboration with Pearson

Wednesday 12 October 14:30 - 15:20 Classroom Theatre


Add to calendar 10/12/2022 14:30 10/12/2022 15:20 The generation of tomorrow: Harnessing the power of esports in the classroom

The esports industry is opening up new and exciting possibilities for future employment. In response to this, its popularity in the education sector is gaining momentum, offering students the chance to develop a range of social, physical, mental and financial skills to thrive in the ever-demanding job market.

With the recent launch of their brand-new Esports BTEC qualification, Pearson Education and the British Esports Federation will discuss the ways in which esports can be positioned in education to ensure a successfully-prepared future workforce.

In collaboration with Pearson

Classroom Theatre Asia/Shanghai


Annabel Lawday

Strategic Lead – Stakeholder Engagement, Pearson

Gary Tibbett

Global Esports Academy Manager - Global Esports Federation and Education Advisor - British Esports Federation, Global Esports Federation

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