Equitable Education Fund

Equitable Education Fund
In 2018, the Independent Committee for Education Reform (ICER) reported that educational disparity was one of the major problems facing the education system that needed to be addressed. It proposed that EEF be established as a new mechanism for accelerating reform in this area more effectively. As educational disparity is contributed to socio-economic inequality and education quality an issue that has been deep-rooted for decades, EEF as a new mechanism needs to develop strategies that match the scale of the problem and its complexity. Moreover, it should assume an appropriate role in driving educational reform together with the Ministry of Education and other line agencies. With its budget and authority constraints, EEF has thus defined its role as an enabler to facilitate collaboration in educational reform in areas that will produce progress toward resolving systems inequality, as well as to assist the poorest children and youth in society.

EEF will continue to commit to its goal as stated in the EEF Act, which has been translated into its “principle” or long-term vision that “Every economically disadvantaged or underprivileged child, youth, and adult has access to quality education.”.


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