Chan Chang

Chan Chang

Tik, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator, Academic Development , Education Excellence Unit Monash University - Malaysia

Over the course of more than two decades, I have gained vast experience in teaching students from secondary to tertiary level. Fast forward, my present focus is on student active learning which steers me towards the professional development for the academics and to conduct research in the area of collaborative learning.   

I am a facilitator of the Foundations for Effective Teaching (FET) programme which is specifically designed for the early career academics. This programme is conducted in a blended mode. I am also involved both directly and indirectly in the transformation of the existing courses to active learning.

Recently, I have completed my research on assessment for learning and socio-constructivist feedback and at this moment I am busy with another research on collaborative learning in informal spaces.

My research interests are in the areas of student-centred teaching and learning, in particular, design and implementation of instructional strategies, blended learning, and educational technologies. I am also interested in the assessment for learning and assessment as learning as well as socio-constructivist feedback.