Nigel Ngiam

Business Development Manager

RITE Education

Nigel is grateful to have garnered such wide-ranging experience in Education. In his initial role as a lecturer, he experienced first-hand the issues affecting the education model in Malaysia. Leaving academia to join an EdTech start-up, it then became clear to him that these challenges were also prevalent in other parts of the world. Through various endeavours, he was able to explore the myriad of innovative solutions and thus to “connect the dots”. Nigel is currently with RITE Education, a consultancy which delivers large-scale transformation programmes in educational leadership, pedagogical coaching, and curriculum development. He is a firm believer in building capacity and champions the need for localisation through research-driven solutions. His track record has seen him being selected as a judge for the Reimagine Education Awards, the “Oscars” of Education, and as an Ambassador for, a Finnish non-profit organisation which researches and provides visibility to impactful education innovations worldwide.

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