Future Tech and Trends

This theme covers big-picture thinking about the future of education and the role of technology to enable learning in its many forms. From Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to the impact of mobile technologies, we ensure that Bett Asia visitors are kept up to date with the greatest technological advancements impacting education and what can be expected over the coming years. We understand that not all educational advancements will be technology-based, however, the past few years have clearly demonstrated the positive impact technology can and will have on educational outcomes.  

Future Tech is the heart of Bett, where the tech community can demonstrate new ideas and where educators can feed back what they really want and need. Global use of technology in schools continues to grow, with 48% of students using a desktop computer, 33% using an interactive whiteboard and 20% using tablets (Source: EdTech Magazine). We hope that industry and educators can work together to leverage new technologies and come up with solutions to some of the biggest challenges being faced in education today. Bett Asia supports and guides educational institutions through what to expect from new and emerging technologies and how to implement them effectively.

Future Tech & Trends is not all about investing in new technologies, but also includes encouraging better use of existing hardware and software. Many schools and universities have technology sitting around that is either unused, or not used to its full potential, so at Bett, we hope to encourage greater and more effective use of existing technology to enhance learning in and out of the classroom. Students today come into education as digital natives, so we need to ensure that we are keeping up to date on the latest trends to stimulate students, provide greater accessibility and provide the best platform for students and educators to succeed.

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