| Bett Asia 2017

15-16 November 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Interested in speaking at the Bett Asia Leadership Summit?

Are you transforming the face of education or have an exciting story to share? Then don’t miss your opportunity to submit a speaking session for Bett Asia 2017.

Some of the types of stories which resonate well with the audience include:

  • A policy or story that changes the landscape of education
  • A policy or story that explores current affairs, and their impact on the future of the sector
  • Trends and insights that will change how people approach their work
  • Inspire and challenge the audience to take action
  • Inspire the audience to think differently and challenge their beliefs
  • Detailed analysis and deconstruction of transformative projects that have worldwide implications
  • Regional or global case studies that inspire and instruct the audience

Please note: As a service/solution provider, any speaking opportunity will be subject to commercial involvement.

Speaker Participation

The suggested speakers play a huge part in the success of a proposal. There are unlimited types of speakers you could bring to the stage, but relevancy is key – not just to the idea, but also the Bett audience.

Does your speaker line-up consist of:

  • Senior educational government officials, education industry executives and policy-makers with inspiring ideas and stories?
  • Celebrities who are passionate or on an education mission?
  • Educational technology innovators and experts 
  • Thinkers & doers: people from outside the industry, including philosophers and theorists, but also creators, scientists, engineers, makers and creatives?

Please note: Bett Asia recommends up to four people per panel discussion or session

Session Formats

The Bett Asia audience expects to be inspired, sometimes challenged, and certainly informed. Different formats and delivery styles work better depending on the space, so please consider how you want to convey your idea.

Example formats and delivery types include (but are not limited to):

  • Keynote-style presentation
  • Structured debates & discussions
  • Interviews
  • Practical demonstration
  • Interactive/practical element

There are two theatres at Bett Asia:

Leadership Summit
Session Length: 15, 30 & 45 mins

Capacity: up to 550

The Leadership Summit brings together policy-makers, education leaders and industry innovators to discuss the strategic issues and big picture thinking set to transform the education landscape. Sessions in the Leadership Summit should be inspirational, informative and should challenge traditional thinking.

Learn Live
Session Length: 15, 30, & 45 mins

Capacity: up to 80

The Learn Live theatre is a hub for learning for educators and education leaders alike, addressing everyday issues and challenges and providing ‘need to know’ and ‘how to’ insight. The Learn Live programme, with a mixed structure of stage-bound and interactive sessions, provides a place for learning and enquiry. Sessions should feature clear take-away elements for the audience. The Learn Live stage is a more casual presentation environments, where the speakers are very accessible to the audience.

Speaker submissions for Bett Asia close on May 12 2017.


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